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Missions Publiques is a high-impact social entrepreneur whose mission is to bring the voice of ordinary citizens into international and global discussions and negotiations on societal challenges through the organization of citizens’ debates. We are set in Paris, France.

We get citizens and stakeholders involved to improve governance and decision-making. We work at local, national and international levels, drawing on the expertise of non-experts to enhance the development of public policies and corporate strategies.

The Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes (CSPO) is an intellectual network aimed at enhancing the contribution of science and technology to society’s pursuit of equality, justice, freedom, and overall quality of life. CSPO creates knowledge and methods, cultivates public discourse, and fosters policies to help decision makers and institutions grapple with the immense power and importance of science and technology as society charts a course for the future.

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The dialogue protocol was designed by experts from Europe, US, Canada and Singapore, including our private and public partners. We worked together with researchers from the Arizona State University and from the CEREMA (French research centre that is advising the national and local governments for everything related to environment, mobility and space planning). Several design workshops were organised in the US and in France, and online.
This protocol has been tested and proven in diverse contexts, in order to effectively bring out the enlightened opinion of citizens.

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